Friday, 22 April 2011

Gallery Photos

Gutting Quine




Gutting Quine

Gutting Quine

Strip the Willow

Barn Dance

Grand March

Dashing White Sergeant

Military Two Step

Gay Gordons

Prep for Photos

Well, I delivered the consignment note and a disc of images to Gallery Heinzel today - all I need to do is wait till 5th May to deliver!

Oh, and clean the garage, clean the house and get these out of the kitchen.........

Yes, this is my kitchen worktop

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Thanks goes out to David Herd who came over yesterday evening after a full days work to take excellent images of the new work, all he wanted in exchange was a cup of coffee and some meatballs!


Last weekend was all about the glazing.  I underglaze most of my figures which involves painting on a layer of matt, transparent colour and sponging most of it off so it seeps into the cracks and around the lettering on my figures.  Once this is dry I usually paint one layer of transparent coloured glaze over the top to deepen the surface.
For instance, the green colour of the kilts is enhanced due to the black underglaze - the green by itself would look too bright and cartoony.

The shoes get slightly different treatment as these have 3/4 layers of glaze painted on to get the deep high-gloss finish.

My mum came and helped with the glazing of these last weekend - what a lifesaver!!


Mum painting glaze - what a star!

Mum still painting!

still at it

ready for overglaze

Friday, 15 April 2011


Well, I completed three more figures today and called it a day for this batch.  I had 2 more feet and legs completed for 2 more possible fisher wifies, but enough is enough.

it feels weird as I have been very intensely working for 3 weeks now - i still have an even more intense few days of glazing and firing but the brainwork is completed.

I have a 'crew' of Gutting Quines - they worked in groups of three.

I have been listening to Radio 2 most of the time and the folk show was on the other evening and I heard the song 'Herring Girl' by Bella Hardy.  Last night Jonny Walker had her on live when I heard the song for the second time this week, it must be a sign.

ready for the next stage...

The end is in sight.....


  • Handed in work to Aberdeen Artists 
  • Saw a man abut some perspex
  • did a shop
  • watched Glee
  • put on a scary kiln
  • made 2 more figures:

9 - yes 9 figures in the kiln...terrifying

Whaler on lookout

hand will be fixed


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Aberdeen Artists Work

Well, its in now, hope the judges treat them kindly...

Cookin By Gas..........

After getting up at 8am this morning, feeding the chickens, the cat, putting the kettle on and filling the dishwasher, I went to lie on my be to stretch my back.... and got up 2 hours later - aargh

I lustred the Oil Workers and then could not go into the garage for the first 3/400C of the firing because of the fumes from firing lustres.

Eventually I managed 3 figures today.  The Grand March - which is the last of the Ceilidh Dancers and then a Fishermannie, which I am particularly taken with!

A warm kiln is perfect for drying figures!

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Grand march lady



Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For the want of red underglaze......

Just an update on progress so far.  Its slow but I am very pleased with what has been achieved so far.

Today I got the two figures for Aberdeen Artists out of the bisque kiln and glazed them before finishing the second lady for the Dashing White Sergeant and completing a twirling couple.

A minor panic though - I lost track of the kiln so it probably over fired by 60C - lets hope it has not caused major damage....

At some point this week i will have to be honest with myself and really think about what i can and cannot achieve in the time left.  So far it has been a huge learning experience; the most figures I have completed in one go was 8! I have 19 planned....

I was planning to have one more Ceilidh Couple but I may start with the Fisher Fowk as a just-in-case.  Besides, the kits take absolutely ages!

heres the progress these past few days:

Military Two Step

2 of the dashing White Sergeant

Fired Mannies

Extra special magic dust came in the post today...

Finally found the red underglaze