Saturday, 29 October 2011

Finally finished making!

Well, I have finished making 4 figures recently - 3 were commissions and one is for the Winter Exhibition at Gallery Heinzel in Aberdeen.

Its been a bit of a 'lang haul' The people waiting for 2 of the commissions have been incredibly patient as I have had to stop in the middle of making several times for NEOS and London.  I even started one again as I was not happy at all with the way it was going.

The Filleter commission was perhaps the most emotive to date as it is a representation of the lady's Mother who passed away this year.  When I met her I got a real sense of who her Mum was and through looking at photographs and hearing stories, I built up a picture of her personality.  I very much hope this comes across in the work.  It feels rather like a huge responsibility but a massive privilege at the same time - who else gets to do something so personal and important?

The final of the four is Napoleon Bonaparte - as he was in exile, contemplative - this was also tricky as it was on request from my Other Half!

As always, they are currently in the kiln drying off before the long haul up to 1150C

Theres always a worry with commissions as if a person does not like what you have made, its not like you can add another layer of paint!
I suppose if I stopped worrying, I should stop making as its the personal, handmade and genuine love for what I do that makes it worth the money...

Another Oil Mannie - pandering to the local populace - and I like hard hats and boilersuits!

And Moustaches

Made and unmade - I'm repairing the ones at the back after an unfortunate accident with a closed jar of turps...

ready to start....

All the bits done but still needs the heavy grey coat....

Almost there...

really happy with the coat

The hat was a bit of a complicated nightmare too....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Work in Progress...

Just thought I would update with some work in progress....

I am currently working on, A Rigger, another Oilman, a Fisher Quine and Napoleon Bonaparte (dont ask)

Quite pleased with how its going but its rather slow progress, oh well, better to be late than make shoddy work...

Im hoping to finish these figures and give the kiln a rest till the new year - the garage is getting re-roofed! (see other posts) thank goodness, so room has to be made to store all the stuff and wrap it up until its made watertight again. (not in chronological order!)

Can you tell this one is 1970s themed?

He will be holding a coffee cup

Walkie Talkie

Difficult hard hat

Tally -book in the back pocket

hard to get the 70s hair

Canadian Tuxedo