Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Commissions in progress...

Finding the motivation to layer up the hats, gloves, leggings and jumpers in this weather is difficult but I am very pleased with how these commissions are going.

The Gay Gordons has finally been made with the Man's hand going in the right direction! The head is mark 2 as the first one I made was far too old and much too small - it looked like a peahead...
I am also pleased with the Pinkie Nurse.  Getting the poses correct is a delicate business, its best not to start off with a concrete idea of how you want the pose to look as it sometimes takes a few tries to get it looking right.  Proportion is always tricky, I've lost count of the number of arms I have made for figures which had to be scrapped due to them looking like gorillas...

Gay Gordons, with the green version behind

This commission has words included which are personal to them - and some unpronouncable Orcadian words!

Shoes belonging to the Pinkie Nurse

The ruler is to prop the arm while drying - it also gives an indication of scale

These figures are s-l-o-w-l-y drying and the first firing will be crucial.  With all the cold weather, its difficult to tell if the clay may have frozen and thawed in parts creating tiny fissures and air bubbles.  The only way to be sure is by firing incredibly slowly and crossing fingers.....Wish me luck!

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