Monday, 17 February 2014


Well I had a nice sojourn making my wee birdees. It's so cold and damp just now that I had to take them inside the house in order to dry them up a bit..

I have a number of different ideas for them, some require some burnishing so I've invested a whole £1 on a piece of rose quartz to get going- my spoons tend to stain the white clay I use.

I have also enjoyed using my sketchbook again and practicing what I teach!
I'm spending a lot if time drinking tea and staring outside at the wee birds who come in and visit our chicken...

I'm outside right now experimenting some more... I'll keep you updated
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Friday, 7 February 2014

Work in progress...

First proper day in the studio for a while, been playing around with forms for a project... It's amazing how much a random nail mark on soft clay looks like an eye!


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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New Year - Moving On......

Well, its been a busy January....

All things change, Ive been very busy getting on these past few months but I've not really blogged and told you all the news!

Its been a month of transition too.... for years now, I have balanced by more creative, making life with a part time teaching job - after applying for a promoted position and the prospect of full time work, I have had time to reflect (after not getting the job!) on what exactly I'm doing.

Its a daunting prospect, so, a couple of weeks ago, we picked up this wee beauty:
Shiny Van of Whiteness
After realising that its been some years sine i actually had passengers in the back of the Clio, and that the back seats were down more than up... AND that no matter how hard I try, I cant get a gas bottle, metal bin, sawdust, pots, shelves and... a raku kiln , in the back!
On the plus side, it has roof bars, should we need to take the canoe out too.....

I rejoined the Scottish Potters Association too - its been 6 years since I renewed my membership and I wanted to reconnect with new folk who worked in clay - dont worry, I wont be building a wood kiln and growing a beard anytime soon (I jest)
I also managed to get a last minute place in their residential weekend in March - it involves a Ceilidh, so look out!

I absolutely SUCK at application forms and my terrible knack for procrastination is worst when I have a paperwork deadline... however, I am perusing forms that involve porpoises, tiles and castles..... hmmmmmmmmm
One big job for the year was announced this week. i am officially the Educational Artist in Residence for Fabric of the Land in 2014....
I will be working with the Creative Learning team, St Machar Academy and the great smART Consultants to get the 3rd year interested in Art and Geology....

In October 2013, I completed another project with smArt Consultants.  Along with Walker Road Primary in Torry, we produced the table centres for the 2013 Art and Business Scotland Awards.... it was a terribly posh occasion but the kids were the stars of the show!... heres a video to show you how it was done...

Ill keep you posted on any more developments!