Friday, 25 March 2011

....And so it begins

For those of you who know me, you will be aware that I have a particularly large amount of work to make for a particularly large show in May.....
I hope to show you my making/ panic process and see if I can begin to evolve my making process and to make it more streamlined.

After a large order from Monsieur Kettles, I have approximately 200kg of clay and this week I have borrowed the facilities at my work to roll out slabs  and make extra plaster slabs to work on.  Couple this with the better weather and a new bottle of Butane in my gas heater - I seem to be getting on fine today.

Task 1:

  • Decide on shape profiles of feet and cut out

Sketchy - with G+T in middle

  • Decide on depth of shoes and cut strips of rolled clay to start making 3D shapes
And so the production line begins... I have decided on 17 figures; 9 Ceilidh People and 8 Fisher People.  
I am also making 2 figures for the Aberdeen Artists Exhibition (with any luck)

Canvas covered slabs

cutting the pieces for all the feet before scratching and slipping together and reinforcing the joins

ready for fashioning the tops tomorrow
I have a huge task ahead of me but hopefully I will be able to deliver some nice new work to Gallery Heinzel by the end of April.

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