Sunday, 23 October 2011

Work in Progress...

Just thought I would update with some work in progress....

I am currently working on, A Rigger, another Oilman, a Fisher Quine and Napoleon Bonaparte (dont ask)

Quite pleased with how its going but its rather slow progress, oh well, better to be late than make shoddy work...

Im hoping to finish these figures and give the kiln a rest till the new year - the garage is getting re-roofed! (see other posts) thank goodness, so room has to be made to store all the stuff and wrap it up until its made watertight again. (not in chronological order!)

Can you tell this one is 1970s themed?

He will be holding a coffee cup

Walkie Talkie

Difficult hard hat

Tally -book in the back pocket

hard to get the 70s hair

Canadian Tuxedo

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