Sunday, 26 June 2011

Preparations in Earnest

Well, I've started (albeit a little late) for the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival next weekend (2nd and 3rd July)

The Affa Fine Quines Aubin Stewart (Aubeebop Jewellery), Gabrielle Reith-Thompson (Small Stories) and I will be in the craft tent, selling our wares.
the theme for this years festival is 'activity' so we have a little interactive activity planned - we have each designed postcard for you guys to colour in and post your "Postcard from Portsoy"

I have been taking photos with my funcy new phone, so apologies for the shaky, grainy shots - to be honest, I couldn't be bothered setting up the tripod today!

I have decided to make a large amount of Doric Delft for the event, and take the opportunity to fire my kiln to stoneware temperatures - scary.

Cleaning all my brushes and tools vigorously took ages - but better to be safe than sorry as the last thing you want is contaminated porcelain - even a bit of rust is Red Iron Oxide which leaves nasty brown spots on your lovely pristine porcelain.

Heelster Gowdie and Cullen Skink - Moray coasty

the beginnings of some earrings

Cat getting in the way...

New to the doric Delft range.

yerdid - I have fond memories of this word

another layer - and the kiln is full!

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