Sunday, 26 February 2012

Happy New Year.....2012 is going to be a busy one!

Well, it's only the end of February and things are already busy, and shaping up to be a good one in 2012.  

The Affa Fine quines have been chatting (when they have time!) and hopefully you will see some exciting collaborative 3d work this year.

Doric Delft is travelling far and wide with further stockists to follow...

The figure of Napoleon Bonaparte has been admired by many and the Oldemldrum Wargames Group is using it as their mascot and logo.

Finally, as if things weren't exciting enough, I have been lucky enough to voted Chairperson of North East Open Studios. Along with Han almost entirely new committee, we hope to make the changes to NEOS it desperately needs to make it more sustainable.

Sayonara for now...

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