Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Working 9-5

Well, its the easter break and after a good....15 years of working odd hours, starting at the last minute and pulling all-nighters, I've decided to do an experiment...

It sounds really easy and ridiculous but I am doing 2 full weeks of 8-4 or 9-5 there or there abouts to see exactly what my potential output would be if I was to work full time in my studio...

I must say its a bit strange for me but I am already getting used to coming in for tea and Pointless at the end of a day in the studio... and realising exactly how many teabreaks I was taking in the past.

I suppose that in Art School, you were used to working 'when the inspiration came' and getting in later in the full knowledge that you could work till 11pm if you needed to (as I frequently did)
Its not exactly the best way to run a business and working part time makes me soft - its too easy to say 'ill lie in today - its the holidays'

So, in 2 days I've probably equalled my output for most of 2013! I am starting with the easy stuff - raku plates and trinket dishes, while the rotten porcelain and paperclay are slaking down.
Tomorrow I am carving bats and getting on with a new range of porcelain vessels, before the big haul - figures!

I am planning to have 1 admin day a week where I will actually have time to fill in dreaded applications and update my website without the guilt of thinking; 'I should be in the studio'

So heres my making pics:

My Commute to work.....
I also got a coupe of wee test of clay from the lovely folks at Scotclays - their clay choice looks great, im looking forward to their Earthenware offerings - the raku clay I tried was their version of the Ashraf Hanna Earthstone clay...
Trinket Plates

Trinket Plates

Trinket Plates

Raku Clay - I am NOT used to working with heavily grogged clay!

A curious - yet poopy visitor

Not happy that I wasn't paying him any attention

Theres no mystery in my making process; just knowing how to push the clay when its needed and when to know to hold back.
I am happy to say that I will not be making trinket plates for a wee while now!

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