Monday, 16 August 2010

In the Pipeline...

After turning up to Fraserburgh today, expecting to start back at work, I soon realised I was a week early. So, I decided not to waste the day and drove on through to Grays.
Simon Ward, the ceramics tutor at Grays has taken on a large project in order to raise money for specialist equipment for the department.
Simon has single handedly thrown 50 (soon to be 60!) plates which are to be decorated by staff and students alike and then shown in the prestigious WASPS studio gallery in Edinburgh .
40 plates are almost finished and all have been decorated by current and graduating students as well as staff from the 3DD and other departments. Here is a sneak preview of some, fresh out of the glaze kiln. Most have been decorated with coloured slips and are still to be decorated further with onglaze lustres and ceramic decals.
The exhibition is from 9th to the 20th October 2010 in Edinburgh; the 15th, 16th and 17th of October will host plate decorating sessions at the studios, so come along and show off your talent! The exhibition will be moving up to Aberdeen later in the year. (Dates TBA)

My plate, still needs onglaze lustre decoration.
Stacking them up!
All Plates will be on sale at each exhibition and proceeds will go towards a new Jigger/ Jolly machine for the workshop at Grays School of Art.

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