Wednesday, 13 April 2011

For the want of red underglaze......

Just an update on progress so far.  Its slow but I am very pleased with what has been achieved so far.

Today I got the two figures for Aberdeen Artists out of the bisque kiln and glazed them before finishing the second lady for the Dashing White Sergeant and completing a twirling couple.

A minor panic though - I lost track of the kiln so it probably over fired by 60C - lets hope it has not caused major damage....

At some point this week i will have to be honest with myself and really think about what i can and cannot achieve in the time left.  So far it has been a huge learning experience; the most figures I have completed in one go was 8! I have 19 planned....

I was planning to have one more Ceilidh Couple but I may start with the Fisher Fowk as a just-in-case.  Besides, the kits take absolutely ages!

heres the progress these past few days:

Military Two Step

2 of the dashing White Sergeant

Fired Mannies

Extra special magic dust came in the post today...

Finally found the red underglaze


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