Friday, 22 April 2011


Last weekend was all about the glazing.  I underglaze most of my figures which involves painting on a layer of matt, transparent colour and sponging most of it off so it seeps into the cracks and around the lettering on my figures.  Once this is dry I usually paint one layer of transparent coloured glaze over the top to deepen the surface.
For instance, the green colour of the kilts is enhanced due to the black underglaze - the green by itself would look too bright and cartoony.

The shoes get slightly different treatment as these have 3/4 layers of glaze painted on to get the deep high-gloss finish.

My mum came and helped with the glazing of these last weekend - what a lifesaver!!


Mum painting glaze - what a star!

Mum still painting!

still at it

ready for overglaze

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