Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tarp Disasters and Other Tales....

Argh! Progress these past few days has been hampered by the constant wind and the tarp on top of the garage blowing around and generally not behaving...Culminating with a total blow-off the other day.  At least it wasn't raining.


Shaft of sunlight is nice but not really what I wanted...

Thanks to the help of Big Ron, the tarp is now well secured and had half of a building site on top of it to keep it put!

Yesterday, I finally finished all the bottom half of the figures, for those of you familiar with my work, the paperclay is the next part.  I have saved all my scraps clay from the building process and have been drying them out in order to make slip and eventually, paperclay.
Wrapped up and ready to be joined

Extruded coils


I made new plaster slabs and have been carving new illustrations on to them .... its all about the prep and I am off out now to get started!

Drying scraps

New Plaster bat

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