Monday, 4 April 2011

Further Progress

Its been another busy couple of days, Friday was a write-off due to the wind.... A tarp on top of the garage roof and a leaky roof does not mix and I spent most of the day up a step ladder pulling the tarp (and accompanied concrete slabs) over the roof.

I have finished the bases of all the male figures, just the ladies left! The brogues are very time consuming but I am pleased with them.  

The week in general has been hectic.  Monday evening was spent extruding cylinder shapes at work and Tuesday was spent driving a minibus full of students from Fraserburgh to Glasgow and back, looooong but worth it, I never tire of seeing the Kelvingrove.  
Wednesday and Thursday were my last evening classes of the session - the Raku was a success and I received so much lovely gifts, unbelievably kind of everyone.
I also managed to find time to extrude loads of coils - which I will use to finish the bodies of the figures this week.  

Extruded cylinders


Adding socks before decorating

Keeping cosy...

A Gelatte workboot perhaps?

thoroughly wrapped up to prevent drying out.

The big hole in the roof is not too bad but when it rains, I have to periodically 'poke' the water that collects in the tarp out or I get a big puddle in the garage!
Bulging tarp

weet fleer

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