Sunday, 19 September 2010

Last Day of NEOS and thoughts for the future.....

Well, that's all folks!

What a wonderful week it has been, I've met some fantastic, talented people and spoken to lots of enthusiastic visitors on the heid o the road for NEOS.  Huge thanks to Gabi and Phil for organising the Wyness Hall and putting together such a fine group of people.
The Whaler has gone to a good home and most of the first batch of 'Doric Delft' will hopefully adorn many a household in the land.

So what of NEOS?  So many people will be in the same situation as I, enthused by meeting the public and receiving great feedback on their work.  I have taken part in NEOS twice before but only as a gallery participant but always had my own entry into the NEOS booklet, I have managed to secure commissions, gallery shows and great general recognition from having this entry alone and urge anyone thinking of taking part in NEOS to do the same. 
However as a 3 time NEOS entry and participant, I am not sure how long me or my fellow booklet entrees will be able to sustain both in goodwill and financially, the many NEOS beneficiaries who decide not to partake in the booklet and pay the entirely paltry sum required.  Think of how much extra booklets could have been printed, how much people will recognise your name and work, how much people have a year-round directory with your contact details in it and how great you will feel knowing you contributed to the sustainability of the largest event of this kind in Scotland.......just a thought

So many people have been so kind about my figures this week and I have so much hope and enthusiasm for the shape of my work in the future.  So what next? well, theres Make at the Mill on the 9th October in Fife.  Teacosy on December 4th and perhaps a few inbetween!
Heres how the hall looked at the end of the week, a few spaces on the wall and generally depleted stock after all the selling!

Doric Delft set up, or whats left!

Doric Delft
Doric Delft Brooches, necklaces and earring, the earrings did particularly well, sold 7 pairs in all
Perfect size for the new business cards
'Gay Gordons' (Professional pics to come)
'Strip the Willow' (prof pics to come)
Part of Neos set up
Figures at NEOS
Gaia Photography, Elaine MacPherson, Lynne Strachan, Lorraine Taylor and Gabi Reith-Thompson's table of work
Gabi's framed works
As you come in the door of the hall (and a cheeky monkey!)

Lorraine keeping the troops entertained at the craft table and Monica's work (left) and Gabi's paintings (right)

A happy customer enjoying some Guinness Choc-Cake (thanks Gabi!) Right before it got very very busy.

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