Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Wow, its been an extremely long day, yes its 3.20am.
I have finished making the four figures and as you will see, they are tucked away in the kiln.  These figures usually take around a week to dry naturally but since I want them ready for the weekend, I will set the kiln to stay at around 80C for a drying cycle.  This process is not ideal, the rapid drying can cause the clay to curl and warp, and if the kiln gets too hot, over 100C before the work is bone dry, the water in the clay turns to steam and........boom.  Rubble.
I am extremely happy with the poses and the details, although I worked from my drawings, you just cant seem to recreate on paper what happens in seconds in clay. 
All going well and a good firing, I should be glazing on thursday, ready for a firing on friday

The rain and wind were relentless today, I did not have the camera out to the garage for a large portion of the day due to the leaky roof!  I will post some pics now but wait till tomorrow for the rest.
Looks like myfather-in-law
Trying to get the female partner to 'fit'
Finished, looks like a soviet propaganda sculpture from this angle
Number 3
Shaping the head with a wooden spatula or 'paddling'

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