Sunday, 12 September 2010

NEOS-Tastic Weekend

Phew! its been a whirlwind but we have just finished our first weekend of NEOS 2010.  Aside from Saturday afternoon, which was exceptionally quiet (all roads closed due to accident) its been rather busy.

Been speaking to some lovely people and had some great feedback.  We are still open all week from 12 - 1800h and next weekend Sat : 10 - 1800h, Sun : 11 - 1700h this is in addition to the opening times displayed in the NEOS brochure
Here are some set up photos with finished photos of the Ceilidih Dancing figures to come...
Lorraine Taylor's lovely paintings
Elaine MacPherson and Monica Wisniewski
Gaia Photograpy on the back wall
A small helper while I set up!
Set up of Gabi Reith - Thompson and Renee's jewellery
This way for ART

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