Friday, 10 September 2010


Well, 0830 this morning and I tentatively opened the kiln to find 4 perfectly fired figures.
It been another long day and the kiln is now on again with the now glazed mannies and wifies. 

As you will see in the pictures, I paint an underglaze on the figures first and rub it back with a sponge, this gives a deeper texture and emphasises the torn edges and text on the clay.  I then paint on a transluscent glaze so the 2 compliment each other. 

Glazes are not like paints, they often cannot be mixed together or touch other glazes, and they never come out of the kiln the same colour they came out of the pot!
I use ready made earthenware glazes in a variety of colours, you can see all my test tiles along the wall in the photographs.
Rubbing back green/ black underglaze
Painting diamonds on socks
Black underglaze for these two
The shoes are glazed with blackand the rest of the figures are drying awaiting a coat of glaze
One finished
two to go
Work in progress
This gross brown colour I'm painting will be a transparent green - believe it or not!
Cleared workspace with just A Blue Mogganer for company.....

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